Pet Portrait Scribbles

My most popular commission request has to be pet portrait scribbles. 

I first got into scribbling during a therapy session. The motions of scribbling encourage you to have less/no structure and more freedom. It enables you to get in touch with your child ego state. As such it is a good therapeutic tool to help with relaxing and even grounding. 

Scribbling can be done anywhere with any pen; there's nothing fancy about it. As part of my therapy I now carry an A5 pad and biro around with me at all times. If I ever find myself with free time which can then be used for relaxing I can scribble. If I ever find myself in need of calming down and grounding I can scribble. If I just need a distraction to escape the chaos around me I can scribble. There's no right or wrong way, you just let the pen move and introduce texture with overlapping. 

I quickly found that I most enjoyed scribbling animals, first starting with a portrait of my mums dog for mothers day.

I then went on to scribble a rhino, as they are my favourite animal, and an elephant, in memory of Queen Elizabeth II. These can both be purchased as prints from the store.


Then began the requests for commissions... I have scribbled mostly dogs, but have also done horses, cats, pigs, otters and even mythical creatures. These can be done on either A4 or A3 and multiple animals can be scribbled side by side if requested. I work from reference photos that need to be of high quality in good lighting, preferably with the animal looking straight on at the camera. With all commissions I will always send a photo for approval before posting.

If you'd like to enquire about a scribble commission then please get in touch with me either via the contact tab or by emailing 


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